Yes. By category, probiotics are ingredients form normal nutritious food. Normally, they will not have any reaction with other medications and you can take the probiotics during meals safely. 

The suggested daily maximum intake is 1 capsules per day and you can take them once a day. If the symptoms of allergy such as skin allergy are more severe, and you are an adult, we suggest that you can increase your intake of PGut Probiotics E3 to 1 capsules once in the morning and once at night to achieve the best result. 

Many traditional heathy food such as cheese, Sauerkraut and Natto contain probiotics as well. At the beginning (2-4weeks) phase, individuals with serious gut microbial dysbiosis may experience a change in bowel habit after taking probiotics. They may also have slight stomach gas and unpleasant smell of feces. Drinking more water eating more fruits and vegetables, together with adequate exercises can alleviate these symptoms. After the adjusting phase, the gut health will be restored and the bowel habit will also be stabilized. If you are immunocompromised or have any serious illness, please consult your physicians.


Yes, and you should! You can rebuild your gut microbiome and reduce the side effect of taking antibiotics when you take probiotics during the treatment and 1-2 weeks afterwards. 

As everyone has different physical status and symptoms, the advantages of probiotics are different in various individuals. Generally, after taking probiotics for 3 months to half a year, symptoms of skin allergy, obesity and allergy will have significant improvement.

It provides naturally-required microbiota for children to improve their intestinal health. 

You may choose the natural probiotics which do not consist of gluten, aromatizer, artificial colour, artificial sugar and milk products. 

PGut Pregnancy and Baby Probiotics only. Studies have shown that pregnant women who started taking probiotics and prebiotics as supplement during the 10 months pregnancy or breastfeeding can increase babies’ gut health and reduce allergy.

You may combine the probiotics with usual food (such as paste) or drinks (such as milk and juice).

Sure. With long term intake of probiotics, it is beneficial to replenish the natural protective gut microbiota. It provides fundamental block for a healthy body.



16S rRNA Gut Microbiome Test can provide a more comprehensive distribution of the bacteria in the intestine. Generally, the types of bacterial species which can be analysed are more than 160. On the other hand, 16S rRNA Gut Microbiome Test can undergo the analysis for the richness and diversity of the species. Less healthy individuals will have less bacterial distribution and diversity in their intestine. This situation is called intestinal dysbiosis. Intestinal dysbiosis will increase the risk of different related diseases, such as obesity, skin allergy and diarrhea. Besides, we will include five disease-risk evaluation in the 16S rRNA Gut Microbiome Test, which are obesity, diarrhea, constipation, allergy such as skin allergy. Total of 6 to 8 weeks are needed from the collection of samples to the completion of reports. 

If you would like to understand which type of probiotics are beneficial to your gut health, we would suggest you to choose the qPCR DNA Tests. qPCR is a type of quick test, which can accurately detect the relative abundance of different bacterial species. Our probiotics qPCR test includes common types of probiotics, and each has a great impact to health. Therefore, you can perform the qPCR DNA test to know which type of probiotics you are lacking, and then choose a suitable probiotic supplement to achieve a healthier gut state.

Our gut microbiome tests adopt painless and non-invasive sample collection strategies. No wound will be made in the collection process. Therefore, there will be no significant safety and health risk. 

In general, the gut microbiome test will complete within 6 weeks after the confirmation of receiving your sample. We will inform you and then make appointment for professional consultation and analysis of your report.

If you take our qPCR DNA tests, you can view and download your digital personal report on our company website or by logging in to your account on the app.

Yes. Although the distribution of the gut microbiome in the body maintains a similar value range in a short period of time, longer period of time of lifestyle and eating habit changes (such as intake of probiotics, use of antibiotics, etc) can lead to a significant change of the gut microbiome. Therefore, we advise that our customers should take the test regularly in order to monitor the intestinal health more accurately for microbial balance. 

You can collect your sample at anytime. The test result will not be affected significantly by the time of sample collection. However, we advise that you should not collect your sample in special occasions, such as when you are sick or after buffet, as to avoid any effects on the accuracy of the test. 

The process of collecting sample is simple. However, in order to prevent the failure of extraction of the sample for analysis by the laboratory, you need to pay attention on the following issues:

  1. Do not discard the fluid in the collection vial as this increases the difficulty in storing the faeces sample.
  2. There is a clear guideline for required portion and the size of the faeces sample. Do not put excessive or deficient amount of faeces sample in the collection vial.
  3. Please make sure to put the collection vial with the faeces sample into the bubble envelope first, then put into the big envelope for shipping.

A detailed guideline of the sample collection is enclosed in our sample collection kit to assist you with the simple and smooth completion of sample collection process. 

If the required testing materials in the sample cannot be extracted, our laboratory personnel will contact you and resend the sample collection kit to you for repeating the sample collection process. This additional process will not be charged. 

For the test, you are required to fill in a questionnaire for collecting your personal information and consent form, as well as receiving your faeces sample. 

We will strictly secure your test result. For most of the analysis process, your sample is labelled by a set of number for identification. It is to ensure that your identity will not match with the analysis result easily. We will not disclose your test result with any third party without your permission. The test result will only be used for internal data analysis and research purposes. 

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