Patented Probiotics Products

New discovery to boost immunity

Produced by University Research Team

Patented Probiotics Products


PGut Premium Probiotics

✔︎ Boost immunity
✔︎ Regulating intestinal health
✔︎ Improve mood and emotions

PGut Allergy Probiotics

✔︎ Relieve symptoms of rhinitis
✔︎ Prevent Skin Allergy recurrence
✔︎ Improve skin dryness and itchiness

PGut SupremeSlim Probiotics

✔︎ Elimination of toxins
✔︎ Reduction of sugar intake
✔︎ Regulating gut health

PGut Kids Allergy Probiotics

✔︎ Regulating immunity of kids
✔︎ Improve ability of anti-allergy of children
✔︎ Improve symptoms of sneezing and runny nose

PGut Baby Probiotics

✔︎ Reduce chance of allergy
✔︎ Boost immunity of babies
✔︎ Regulate health of gut microbiome

Characteristics of high quality probiotics

✔︎ High quality probiotics can target on different symptoms of diseases. They are more precise and effective than ordinary probiotics products in order to accommodate different needs of customers

✔︎ High quality probiotics have been under high-standard cultivation for safe consumption

✔︎ High quality probiotics can directly arrive the intestine without damage by stomach acid

✔︎ High quality probiotics can cooperate many prebiotics (food of probiotics) to strengthen the active effect of probiotics


Special Characteristics of PGut Series Probiotics

Over 50 years of experience from pharmaceutical manufacturer International highest standard PIC/S GMP accreditation


Probiotics Formula of local professionals from scientific sector
The most suitable formula for Hong Kong people

Awarded patented probiotics formula
Confidence guarantee

Target on common diseases of Hong Kong people: Skin Allergy, diarrhoea, etc

biomed_pgut_ intestinal_problems

Target on different intestinal problems
Cover all needs of customers

biomed_pgut_weight _management

Clinical evidence for effectiveness of weight management


Why shall you choose our probiotics?

Lactobacillus plantarum is a new probiotic which is used for regulating metabolism of fat. It is awarded with a Gold medal and Special prize at the 2019 World Genius Convention & Education Expo and being recognised internationally. 

PGut series is researched and developed by a Biomedical Technology team, which consists of professional specialists, professors, Biomedical scientists and doctors from Faculty of Medicine in order to accommodate the needs of public.

Including regulation of immunity system, inhibition of bad bacteria growth, promotion of nutrients uptake of intestine, relief of body stress and reduction of anxiety, etc.
Our medical team will provide one-stop services, and willing to answer your questions in order to help you achieve ideal healthy life.
PGut Series Premium Allergy SupremeSlim Kids Allergy Baby
PGut Series price
Premium $380
Allergy $380
SupremeSlim $380
Kids Allergy $280
Baby $280
PGut Series Target group
Premium Adults (3 years old or above )
Allergy Adults (3 years old or above )
SupremeSlim Adults (3 years old or above )
Kids Allergy Children
Baby Baby
PGut Series product type
Premium Capsules
Allergy Capsules
SupremeSlim Capsules
Kids Allergy sachet powder
Baby sachet powder
PGut Series Number of Probiotics +
Premium 8+3
Allergy 6+3
SupremeSlim 11+3
Kids Allergy 6+2
Baby 5+2
PGut Series Target disease/
health concern
Premium Adjust overall intestinal health and improve immunity
Allergy Prevent skin allergy and relieve symptoms of nasal allergy
SupremeSlim Weight management, reducing sugar absorption, detoxification
Kids Allergy Regulate children's immune system and improve children's anti-allergy ability
Baby Reduce the chance of allergies and improve the baby's immunity

Users' sharing

After taking probiotics, I can go toilet smoothly. I will bring the probiotics with me when travelling or working in other countries.
Ms. Cheung
Bank teller
I have taken PGut Allergy for half year and have not felt thirsty. The symptoms of rhinitis are reduced. I will keep taking the products in the future.
Ms. Ho
I have tried PGut Premium for a few months. I go toilet more often. I feel like I am healthier without having any respiratory diseases recently.
Mr. Chan
Magazine editor