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New Generation Biotechnology

Based on Gut DNA Test and patented probiotics,
We target personalised supplementation to improve various health issues.

Gut Microbiota DNA Test

16S rRNA Test and Real-time Fluorescent quantitative PCR Technology to detect several specific species of bacteria. After data analysis, the risk of intestinal health and various sub-health problems could be assessed.

“BioMed” composed of specialised doctors, professors, biomedical scientists, and medical school PhDs collaborates to precisely formulate probiotic formulas using big data.

PGut E3 Probiotics Formula

Expertly chosen probiotic strains with a 95% resistance to gastric acid.

Triple prebiotics that fully replenish the growth nutrients of probiotics, helping them colonize the intestine smoothly.

HK-LP, a highly effective postbiotic with advanced research technology.

Three-in-one effectiveness for rapid improvement of suboptimal health conditions.

Media Coverage

Does inherited high cholesterol level relate to intestinal microbiota? Does the status of intestinal microbiota relate to diabetes?

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