In recent years, Hong Kong people have become more aware of healthy living and have begun to pay more attention to their intestinal health.

BioMed focuses on intestinal health and is committed to researching the most suitable products for Hong Kong people. For example, studying the mechanism between probiotics and allergic skin in children and recommending probiotic formulations for children in need.

The medical profession now recognises the gut as the “second brain,” and the impact of gut and probiotics extends far beyond our intestines and digestive system.

Gut and probiotics are linked to our health and are key to immunity. Skin allergy in children is caused by insufficient intestinal immunity. Allergens can easily enter the bloodstream through the thin intestinal wall and cause adverse reactions in the skin.

BioMed advocates the treatment and prevention of these problems from the perspective of intestinal health and probiotics; in addition to traditional specialist diagnosis and treatment.

Our Products

PGut VitaBac Immune Pro

Strengthens your immunity and Rejuvenates
B. adolescentis added to boost vaccine efficacy

PGut Premium Probiotics E3

Reduce intestinal sensitivity (Diarrhea/ constipation)

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PGut SupremeSlim Probiotics E3

Control body weight and enhance calories consumption

PGut Allergy Probiotics E3

Improve symptoms of Allergy such as skin allergy

PGut Mood+ Probiotics E3

Improve sleeping quality

PGut Kids Allergy Relieve Probiotics

Strengthen children’s immune system and anti-allergic ability

PGut Pregnancy and Baby Probiotics

Relieve discomfort during pregnancy

16S rRNA Gut Microbiome DNA Sequencing

Demostrate the comprehensive gut microbiome, analyse gut homeostasis and get personalised gut management plan

qPCR gut DNA testing

Specific different symptoms: obesity, allergy or dermatitis, diarrhoea. Get to know probiotics in deficiency to select suitable supplement of probiotics to maintain healthy state of the gut

New Arrival

Oral Microbiome Testing Panel

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR technology is used to quantitatively detect specific oral bacteria quantitatively and evaluate oral microbiota.

Hello, I have been suffering from eczema for many years. My face turns red when I have eczema. I recently bought PGut Allergy E3 Probiotics. I took one pill today and soon had a bowel movement, which was yellow. My usual colour is brown or dark brown (kind of black). Should I choose PGut Premium E3 Probiotics or PGut Allergy Probiotics E3?

Does inherited high cholesterol level relate to intestinal microbiota? Does the status of intestinal microbiota relate to diabetes?

Allergic skin was under control five years ago but has since recurred over the past year due to frequent use of cleaning products. This troubles me a lot. How should I deal with it?

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