Oral Microbiome Testing Panel

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Know more about Oral Microbiota

The microecological quick test is light-weight and only needs a drop of saliva to detect the intestinal microecological balance. With the help of probiotics for different symptoms, it can restore the oral and intestinal microecological balance and improve the overall health of the individual.

Oral Microbiota - The First Defense Line

There are over 700 types of common bacteria in oral cavity, which is the second largest microbiota other than the gut. Micro-organisms exist as “Biofilm” on the oral cavity surface. Bad bacteria produce endotoxin and enter the blood stream through gingiva and oral mucosa, leading to inflammation response.

Studies have shown that the oral microbiota can easily reach the gut or lungs of individuals with compromised immune systems, potentially triggering inflammation and other diseases, which in turn can lead to other serious diseases, such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and more.

Oral Microbiome DNA Testing

Unbalance of oral microbiota

Report Interpretation

Report generated after 2-3 weeks

Oral Microbiome Testing Panel

About Testing Panel


  1. Sampling
  2. Microbial gene extraction
  3. Oral microbiota testing
  4. Bioinformatics Analysis
  5. Report Interpretation

Target Group

Age 3 or above, troubled by the following problems

Oral or gut problems

Unbalanced diet

Low immunity

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