16S rRNA Gut Microbiome DNA Sequencing

Personalised gut health detection and management combination

The Importance of Gut Microbiota

There are about 100 trillion microbes in human gut, and there are about 500-1000 of different species. The number of these microorganisms is 10 times more than human cells, and the total mass is up to two kilograms.

Recent studies showed that intestinal microbes will affect human health and could be regarded as the second genome of humans.

microbiota imbalance is associated with many diseases

Microbiota imbalance is associated with:



Allergy/ Skin Allergy

Autoimmune disease

irritable bowel syndrome

inflammatory bowel disease

colorectal cancer


metabolic syndrome

non-alcoholic liver disease



anxiety disorder

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The principle of 16s rRNA gut microbiome test is based on detecting the sequences of the highly variable region of the 16S rRNA gene in order to identify the microbial flora composition and richness in our gut microbiota. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a non-cultivation method that generating data on the entire microbial population in our samples. These data would undergo a comprehensive analysis to determine the relationship between the gut microbes and risk of a specific disease.

  • aged 3 or above
  • People who are concerning gut health

  • People with the following symptoms: Allergy and Asthma, chronic diarrhoea and constipation, obesity and metabolic diseases

HK$ 3,800 (Including explanation from professionals)

Report Highlights

The main advantage of the 16S rRNA test is the simultaneous detection of the relative abundance of more than 160 different bacterial genera in a single run. These data can provide a relatively complete map of our gut and the following analysis would be included in the report:

Richness and diversity

In this test, the richness and uniformity of intestinal microflora would be analyzed as the intestinal balance is very important for maintaining our health.

Ten core genus of gut microbiota in Chinese population

We will detect ten core genus of gut microbiota which are universal in Chinese population. The lack of these genus will reduce the diversity of the intestinal microflora and may lead to different diseases.

Relationship between five major symptoms and microbial flora

We will analyze your microbial flora and the symptoms, including Obesity and metabolic syndrome, diarrhoea, constipation, Allergies such as skin allergy in details.

Summary and dietary habits recommendations

We will provide a series of tailor-made diets and recommendations based on your gut microbiota.

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1. All reports are validated and issued by a registered medical laboratory technologist.
2. To ensure the protection of our customers’ privacy, we solely utilize data for research purposes only upon receiving explicit consent from them.
     During the process of utilizing data for research, all personally identifiable information will be thoroughly deleted, and no records will be retained.
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