Scientific studies reveal the power of probiotics to improve immunity.

Probiotics can modulate the microorganism ecology and immune system, therefore improving our immunity!

Probiotics is known to be a safety and efficient supplement. Many scientific studies support the abilities of probiotics to fight against viral and bacterial infections and symptoms alleviation. While most of these studies are based on authoritative double-blind randomized controlled trials and meta-analysis.

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Probiotics can improve intestinal health and immunity to prevent novel virus

Novel virus makes use of the membrane spike proteins to bind with the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE-2) receptor on human cell surface, causing severe health conditions such as acute respiratory infection, pneumonia, and cardiac infection. ACE-2 receptor is commonly found in respiratory tract, kidneys and intestine. Thus, novel virus can also attack intestinal cells and cause diarrhea, therefore spreading the virus. This situation is even more common than SARS and MERS.

Microorganism can be found in different body parts, even in respiratory tract and lungs. Microorganisms in intestine and lungs can interact with each other through exchanging information by immune cells and small molecules, forming gut-lung axis. If the respiratory tract is infected, the pulmonary microbiota composition will be disrupted and affect the balance of the intestinal microbiota, causing immune system disease and increase the risk of subsequent infections. A recent study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that the gut microbiota composition of patients infected with novel virus is significantly different with that of healthy people. These patients will have reduced bacteria classes, insufficient beneficial bacteria and increased harmful bacteria. They are difficult to restore their health even after recovery. Some bacteria species are also correlate with the severity of disease. Moreover, the content of Bacteroidetes in patient’s feces is reduced, which these bacteria may be related to the reduced ACE-2 receptor amount and the reduction of the risk of virus entering the cell. These bacteria are also related to virus load.

Probiotics are responsible for modulating microbial ecology and regulating immune system, therefore enhance resistance. The mechanism is by maintaining integrity of intestinal cells to form a protective barrier. Probiotics can also activate immune cells to produce anti-virus substances and a series of cytokines and interleukins, stimulating specific CD4 and CD8 white blood cells, macrophage, natural killer cells, B lymphocytes and other immune cells to fight against virus.



PGut specially designed probiotics for Asian to strengthen resistance -
Premium E3 Probiotics


PGut Premium E3 selected all the above ‘star-rated’ probiotics for you to fight against respiratory tract infections and enhance resistance. It is your best choice for anti-virus!

PGut specially designed probiotics for Asian to strengthen resistance –
Premium E3 Probiotics

PGut Premium E3 selected all the above ‘star-rated’ probiotics for you to fight against respiratory tract infections and enhance resistance. It is your best choice for anti-virus!

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