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Gut Microbiome Test

BioMed provides two major gut microbiome tests: 16S rRNA gut microbiome test, and five panels of qPCR DNA test, to accurately assess gut health, which are suitable for people with different health conditions and ages.

✔︎ Big data on microbiome

✔︎ University-research-level test, instrument and technology

✔︎ Accurate assessment of intestinal health

✔︎ Personalized health management: sub-health problems like eczema, allergy, weight and intestinal problems, sleeping and emotional problems

16S rRNA gut microbiome test

Providing a comprehensive map of gut microbiome to analyze the risk of multiple symptoms

  • aged 3 or above
  • People who are concerning gut health
  • People with the following symptoms: Allergy and Asthma, chronic diarrhoea and constipation, obesity and metabolic diseases

HK$ 2,800 (Including explanation from professionals)

Five panels of qPCR DNA test

Quantitative detection of specific intestinal species using real-time PCR to know more about risk of particular disease(s)

  • Infant Golden 1000 days Intestinal Health Test Panel﹕infants aged 0-3, developed allergic diseases such as eczema and asthma
  • Core Microbiota and Probiotics Testing Panel﹕people who concern about gut health and probiotics colonisation situation
  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Testing Panel﹕people who have obesity and metabolic syndrome, or concern about gut health
  • Gut Toxin Testing Panel﹕people who have digestive problems, such as diarrhoea or constipation, or concern about gut health
  • Allergy and Eczema Testing Panel﹕people who have allergy or eczema symptoms, or concern about gut health
  • Infant Golden 1000 days Intestinal Health Test Panel﹕ HK$600
  • Other panels ﹕HK$1200