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Dean and Doctor Weekly (118) Who controls fate?

In addition to obesity, diabetes and cholesterol, many studies have pointed out that intestinal microecology can cause or exacerbate a variety of mood disorders, including depression and childhood autism. Some researches from foreign countries even show that emotional problems can be improved by regulating the intestinal microecology. A recent study by the School of Medicine of CUHK pointed out that children with autism lack a series of bacteria compared to other children. We believe that by dealing with the imbalance of the intestinal microbiota, the above emotional problems can be improved…

Ming Pao 


The intestines of coronavirus patients contain bad bacteria
CUHK studies probiotics to relieve the disease and restore immunity

Professor NG Siew Chien, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, and the CUHK
Team explores the dysbiosis of patients with new coronavirus. It is expected to develop “Probiotic Formula” within one year. …

Mingpao Health 10/06/2020


Intestinal bacteria and immunity

Professor Chan’s view on improving immunity:
The balance of intestinal bacteria and our immunity is closely related.

When there is dysbiosis, our body’s defense weakens and we can get sick easily. …

Doctor Chan Ka-leung 08/06/2020


The brain listens to intestinal bacteria: The baby's potential development also needs to be considered from the gut​​

Scientific research in recent years has pointed out that the gastrointestinal tract not only absorbs nutrients, but also affects the baby’s potential development.
From the age of 0 to about 3 years, the brain nerve cells continue to grow, which is the golden period of brain development. Therefore, taking good care of your baby’s intestinal health can help them to develop their potential. …

YAHOO! News 15/06/2020


The key to gut health is balance!
Illustration of the three major intestinal microbiota of good bacteria and bad bacteria

To have a healthy intestinal tract, we must first understand the role and distribution of intestinal bacteria: intestinal bacteria will absorb nutrients in food to reproduce, the total weight of bacteria can be as high as 1.5 kg, and the metabolites produced will have a significant impact on human health influences! …

HEHO 19/05/2020


More meat and less vegitables, eat without timing!
Over 40% of young people in Hong Kong have constipation and diarrhea

The fast food and takeaway culture in Hong Kong and the fast-paced urban life have caused not only adults with intestinal problems, but more than 40% of young people in Hong Kong have diarrhea or constipation problems. 70% of the body’s immune cells are in the intestine. If the intestinal health is poor, it may cause problems such as obesity and mood, and even increase the risk of colorectal cancer. …

ETNET 28/05/2020


Father of Nutrition: Easy to catch colds and allergies? The key is here!​​

In addition to affecting intestinal health, intestinal health also affects the health of our whole body, reduces immunity, and makes us susceptible to illness. So to have a good body, we must first take good care of our intestines! The intestine is not only a digestive organ, but also controls the immune function of the whole body. Many microorganisms and immune cells accumulate in the intestine to counteract the stimulation of foreign substances. …



Influenza can seriously cause pneumonia! Physician: If you want to fight against viruses, the first priority is immunity.

In addition to the new coronavirus that everyone is concerned about, the recent cold and hot weather has also easily caused seasonal flu. The frequency of the disease is related to the strength of the immune system, and the intestine is the organ with the most concentrated immune cells, and more than 70% of the immune cells are concentrated in the intestine. …

The Storm Media 21/03/2020


Intestinal microbiota and its metabolites determine the effect of exercise on prevention and treatment of diabetes

The research team of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong has found that intestinal microbiota and its metabolites are important factors in determining the improvement of human metabolic health through exercise research on local pre-diabetic patients. The analysis found that there were significant differences in the changes in the intestinal microflora between the two groups of test subjects: “exercise valid” and “exercise invalid”. …

Headline Daily

Skin care starts from the intestines! 5 steps to make beauty from the inside out

With the gradual increase in age, the pressure of life and work increases, and the skin condition is also deteriorating. Many people make sunscreen and skin care products every day. The more they buy, the more expensive they are. However, there are still many problems with the facial skin. It still depends on makeup to maintain it. Which key is missing?…

YAHOO! News 01/05/2020

Gastrointestinal discomfort, high risk of Parkinson's disease

Is constipation related to Parkinson’s disease? According to the data of more than 5,000 constipation patients tracked by the Taiwan National Health Insurance Database for 6 years, it was found that after many years, the risk of severe constipation patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease was as high as 10 times. Foreign research reports also have new findings on the intestinal flora and the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease….

Liberty Times Net 09/04/2020

[Intuition is closely related to the intestine? ] "Intuition" is the key to good decision-making ability. Neuroscientists: Take care of your "gut" and your brain

Are you good at recognizing your intuition? Do you always pay attention to it, or ignore it, and deliberately ignore the doubts that cannot be waved in your heart? Do you believe in the value of “intuition”? When I introduce the possibility of intuition in the workplace, people are often skeptical because it seems “illogical”; however, intuition is the key to our good decision-making ability and improving self-awareness. …

VidaOrange 20/02/2020